FounderFuel Joins Global Accelerators for Combined Silicon Valley DemoDay

Montreal’s FounderFuel Accelerator program is hitting the road next week, along with two other accelerator programs from Australia and England.

Sydney-based Startmate, London-based SeedCamp and FounderFuel today announced a joint initiative to bring “15 international startups” to San Francisco. In collaboration with AngelList, the three leading seed organizations are hosting an exclusive investor event on Thursday April 10th from 6-9pm at Automattic (132 Hawthorne Street, San Francisco, CA 94107).

“The goal of the International Demo Day is to show the Valley what startups around the world are doing,” said FounderFuel general manager Ian Jeffrey. “FounderFuel is proud to have joined forces with two of the strongest programs out there and we look forward to seeing what Valley investors think of all the companies participating.”

FounderFuel, Seedcamp and Startmate each foster startup communities out of the US, and International Demo Day will give five to six startups from each of the programs a chance at showing investors their ideas. Largely the startups are going to the Bay Area “on a mission to raise capital.”

Those interested in attending can visit

The five startups heading to San Francisco from Montreal’s FounderFuel will be:

Kiwi Wearables | Open Wearable Computing Stack

Now In Store | Smart marketing material for businesses.

Provender | The farm-to-fork marketplace for chefs and farmers. |

Tattoo Hero | The online community that connects tattoo enthusiasts with shops and artists globally.

Transit App | Moving Cities Forward

Meanwhile, the other 12 startups from Seedcamp and Startmate are:

1. | Blossom helps hundreds of organizations to manage software projects as efficiently as possible.

2. Composure | Autocomplete for email.

3. Drawboard | PDF editing for construction egineering.

4. Flirtey | Parcel delivery by UAV to smartphones.

5. Foogi | Whatsapp for Calendars.

6. HaystackHQ | Visual analytics for legal eDiscovery.

7. Inductly | Mobile staff induction platform.

8. Krack | Krack is a social network for skateboarders, empowered by a hardware device attached to the skateboard itself. No one should ever ride alone.

9. Lumific | Effortless photo organization, beautiful enhancements. Automatically.

10. Psykosoft presenting its new product, Pagie. Pagie is the fastest, easiest and sexiest way to create a web page.

11. Mitoo | The future of rec/youth sports

12. SportHold | The prediction game for sports.

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