FounderFuel Grad LoginRadius Raises $1.3 Million in Funding

Edmonton-based startup and FounderFuel accelerator program graduates LoginRadius has raised $1.3 million in venture capital from the Accelerate Fund, Yaletown Venture Partners, Real Ventures, BDC Capital and several Angel investors.

The startup, who also has an office in Calgary, calls itself “the social login and sharing provider” and allows websites to integrate 30 different social network APIs into one unified API. When Facebook, Twitter or Google upgrades something or changes a function, Login Radius saves developers the inevitable headache of going back, reading up on the documentation and modifying endless code.

Cofounders Rakesh Soni and Deepak Gupta call it a website’s “dashboard-driven and maintenance-free social login and sharing platform,” simplifying social login implementation for experienced and less experienced developers.

“LoginRadius’ goal is to help businesses engage and understand their users by simplifying how users connect to the web,” said the CEO Soni, who also shared that the startup is powering social login and sharing on 100,000 websites in 180 countries with monthly reach of 15 million users.

Gupta added that not only is LoginRadius making it easier for businesses to integrate their websites and mobile apps with social media, but it also lets them scale as their user base grows. “Our easy-to-use plug and play solutions free developers from having to worry about developing and maintaining all social integrations, so that they can focus their attention on more critical things such as their core product.”

A yearly subscription costs $12 per month for a basic package, which supports 20,000 users. Meanwhile their premium solution goes for $99 per month, which can support 100,000 users.

Their solution’s strength in social analytics for clients is an added bonus. This includes deeper insight than Google analytics, into who their users are, where they’re coming from, what they’re doing on the site, their age and their gender. It provides profile and login analytics, social network reach, and demographic and technology analysis all in one.

And when one of the major social networks pulls a fast one, developers don’t have to worry. “You have the full suite of capabilities for these various social networks that you get from one API,” Gupta told me last summer. “The best thing is that integration is very quick: if Facebook does something we’ll take care of all the maintenance and you don’t have to worry about anything.”

The two cofounders met in high school and came to North America eight years ago. Soni studied at the University of Alberta in Edmonton while Gupta settled in Chicago to study at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Both Soni and Gupta had experience working with different startups before they started working together, originally building a search engine. They worked on a few other similar projects, always integrating multiple APIs into their platform to ease user sign ups. Eventually they thought to make a SaaS model out of it and that’s when the idea was born.

“So we put together the piece of code and from day one when we put the product live we started getting users,” said Gupta.

Meanwhile the Accelerate Fund’s Martin Vetter said the firm saw a “clear funnel of interested prospects quickly converting to customers once they fully understood the simplicity of the system and the ancillary benefits”

“The LoginRadius team has done an excellent job of building a great social login and sharing platform and providing the market with a very efficient financial model,” he added.

Photo from Edmonton Journal

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