Flixel pitches its potential as a long-term disruptor


Flixel has come a long way from trying to establish itself as an Instagram for cinemagraphs. Four years in the making, Flixel has found its niche as a toolset provider targeting marketers and artists.

With investors like Tyra Banks and customers like Instagram, Flixel CEO Philippe LeBlanc went on The Disruptors to talk about what makes the company unique. “Cinemagraphs are a hybrid between a photo and video,” said Leblanc. “We’re disrupting traditional photography and videography. At the same time, it’s disrupting digital media marketing, and this is really a new way for digital advertisers to leverage the power of autoplaying video on social networks.”

While co-hosts Amber Kanwar and Bruce Croxon both agreed that the technology was cool, they wondered how the platform would last in the long term. Kanwar, recalling meeting the company at CIX last year, said, “I asked the CEO, what do you do beyond this being a cool fad?” Kanwar said. “I didn’t really get a clear answer then and I’m still not sure what the business plan is when everybody get sick of saying ‘Oh cool, her earring are moving.'”

If cinemagraphs become a fad, Flixel could be in trouble. But with interest in the medium at an all-time high, Flixel has capitalized, drawing significant revenue from its Cinemagraph Pro platform, and signing recent partnership deals with Shutterstock.

Check out the whole video below:

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Jessica Galang

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