Five Startups Graduate from INcubes Latest Cohort

Yesterday was a big day for Toronto-based accelerator INcubes, as it graduated its fourth cohort of startups.

The companies were Alertly, an off-the-shelf security system; Fashion Forward, an online classified site specializing in new and nearly-new fashion; Qoints, a marketers toolkit; Eureka (formerly AppGeek), a place where users can discover, share and buy the best technologies curated just for them; and LightningPlatform, the server side code for any app.

Founder and CEO Ben Zlotnick said that this cohort featured more seasoned entrepreneurs than any other cohort, including two of the five startups which acted as spin-offs from previous successful companies. “The quality of this intake was certainly high,” Zlotnick told BetaKit. “Companies were focused, more than ever, on starting to create sales channels as well as investors. They were focused on building customer traction and a strong sales pipelines to take advantage of after demo day.”

While Zlotnick was obligated to give the unbiased, “I’m proud of them all” statement, we did get him to dish out on which teams were able to perform particularly well during the program: Alrtly, Eureka and Qoints. “Alertly for their novelty and the clarity of their path to market; Eureka for their dynamism and stage presence – they sold themselves as the very capable team that they are; Qoints as a high potential opportunity that excited many investors in the room.”

When asked what he learned differently this time around about guiding startups through an accelerator program, Zlotnick simply said that “each company is different.” ”

Each has special, strategic needs,” said Zlotnick. “Our curriculum is designed to be robust, in that it helps companies learn and develop all of the skills they need, as well as flexible, in that it can be adapted to many types and stages of companies.”

Here’s a bit more information on the five startups who went through the three-month mentor-driven curriculum.

Alertly – off-the-shelf security system

Alertly is the Nest for Security, for home, office or car, allowing users to monitor their home, office or vehicle using mobile and web. The company provides a kit consisting of a base station & sensors, which can easily be installed. It also includes unique counter-measures which will scare away thieves. We also provide an open API for developers to build great apps on top of the platform, and opening up other opportunities such as home automation.

Fashion Forward – realize your closet wealth

Fashion Forward is the only website in Canada dedicated to the posting of local online classified ads for new and nearly-new fashion and accessories. Free features include a discussion forum, tips for buying and selling and listings of fashion-related events.

Qoints – how success is measured

Qoints gives marketers a set of comparative benchmarks for their digital promotions as well as a source of information on their customers and the optimal ways to engage them. It was developed to let marketers understand the success of their online promotions by scoring their results against competitors and industry averages and then offering insights to help them improve the outcomes of future promotions.

Eureka – do more with your smartphone

Eureka (formerly AppGeek) is a place where users can discover, share and buy the best technologiescurated just for them. The apps and products are curated based on the users’ personality and goals to help serendipitous discovery.

LightningPlatform – create, target, and report with ease

Lightning is the server side code for any app, and a proven codebase that gets customers to market faster. Its user-friendly visual interface helps customers run, manage and change much of their app without programmers, freeing up customers to iterate their product more quickly. Built-in analytics ensure this is done intelligently.

INcubes funding structure includes $15,000 in startup financing upon joining the program, provided by the Canadian Youth Business Foundation (CYBF). The program takes 7.5 percent equity from startups. On its website, it says during the program startups have “access to diverse pre-money financing,” while after demoday, “your venture will then raise a Seed to Series A Round for growth.” Where do I sign?

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