Feast your eyes on this #TheDisruptors pitch


This week, Toronto-based Feast went on The Disruptors to talk about getting a piece of the food delivery pie.

Customers can use Feast’s smartphone app to order hand-crafted meals made by local chefs, using local ingredients for lunch and dinner. Targeting the Vancouver marketplace, Feast is hoping to disrupt the high-end food delivery industry.

Watching the pitch, co-hosts Amber Kanwar and Bruce Croxon acknowledged that Feast is entering a crowded marketplace. “We’ve got companies like Hurrier — I can call up anywhere where I want to eat and have someone deliver it,” Croxon said. “That’s not the disruption. The value-add is that this is food that’s local, and very high-end.”

“The winner of the space is the one that can become the Google of food services,” Kanwar said.

Watch the full video below:

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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