Espresso Capital partners with Winning By Design to help SaaS companies scale


Espresso Capital has partnered with Silicon Valley-based SaaS consultancy Winning By Design as the venture debt firm looks to support SaaS companies in its portfolio.

Winning by Design’s founder recently led a workshop for over 200 attendees at Espresso’s SaaS Masterclass in September.

Winning By Design provides strategy consulting and coaching programs for sales and inside sales teams at over 220 SaaS organizations, including Adobe and Zenefits. Espresso’s portfolio companies will be able to stay up-to-date on best practices and evolving go-to-market models, and learn how to implement science-based approaches to scaling revenue. Companies will also have access one-on-one sales and customer success strategy sessions, small group workshops, and monthly community events with other CEOs led by Winning By Design’s global team.

“We think there is a better way than trial and error to build highly effective sales, marketing, and customer success teams,” said Alkarim Jivraj, CEO of Espresso Capital. “We’re excited to offer our clients access to Winning by Design’s collection of proven resources, including blueprints, coaches, trainers, and leaders that are among the best in the industry. Scaling a SaaS company presents myriad challenges, and this partnership represents one more way we can provide value-added support to our founders.”

Winning by Design founder Jacco van der Kooij recently led a workshop for over 200 attendees at Espresso and ’s SaaS Masterclass in September. He shared insight to help SaaS companies double revenue by increasing conversion rates 10 percent across key moments in the customer journey.

“This is our first partnership with a venture debt firm and an extremely innovative move for Espresso,” said Julie Persofsky, GM of Winning by Design’s newly-launched Toronto office. “We are looking forward to working with Espresso’s clients and helping them achieve their growth objectives.”

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Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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