Emmy Award winning The Secret Location talks creating an effective VR experience

Virtual reality is set to completely change the way we approach entertainment — and as The Disruptors co-host Bruce Croxon discovered, there are homegrown Canadian companies setting the foundation for the VR experience of the future.

Croxon had the chance to try Toronto-based Secret Location‘s Insidious 3 VR experience, which takes the user into a haunted house. The Secret Location won the first Emmy distributed for virtual reality — taking home a User Experience and Visual Design Award for their Sleepy Hollow virtual reality experience — and has worked on experiences for productions like the second season of Big Brother Canada.

Croxon sat down with Ryan Andal, the technical director at Secret Location, to talk about key elements in creating an effective VR experience. “We shot actors on green screen with two separate cameras, so that it’s mimicking your eyesight. We overlay that into a 3D scene that we actually build,” Andal said.

“You’re going to see a lot of change with film and entertainment because it is a sort of isolated experience at this moment in time,” said Andal. “VR is a completely new medium. Different way of filming the content, different way of distributing it. We don’t have the typical distribution channels that we would be looking at in film and TV.”

Watch the whole interview below:

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Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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