Eight startups joining Intuit Canada, Highline Beta’s Prosperity accelerator

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FinTech company Intuit Canada and venture capital firm Highline Beta have revealed the eight startups in the inaugural cohort of the Intuit Prosperity Accelerator.

“This collaboration with the startup ecosystem will allow us to innovate with velocity and purpose.”

First announced in July, the accelerator is aimed at supporting global seed-stage tech startups solving specific financial prosperity challenges that Canadian consumers and small businesses will be facing in the wake of COVID-19. Seven of the eight startups joining accelerator are Canadian.

The cohort was selected based on their commitment to building durable solutions that help consumers eliminate debt, build savings and enable financial literacy; and/or help self-employed and small businesses improve cash flow, attract customers and access help.

“This promising group of startups bring a true passion and commitment to solving for their customers, a value that is at the heart of Intuit’s mission of Powering Prosperity Around the World,“ said David Marquis, Country Manager at Intuit Canada.

“Over the coming months, this collaboration with the startup ecosystem will allow us to innovate with velocity and purpose. I am inspired by the opportunity to expand the scope of our impact for Canadians in the wake of COVID-19.”

Through the accelerator, startups will pilot one of two possible types of solutions. The first solution should be one that helps Canadians eliminate debt, increase savings, and improve financial literacy.

The second solution that can be developed must help Canadian self-employed and small businesses improve cash flow, secure customers, and access support.

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The startups joining the consumer segment of the accelerator include:

Homewise​ (Toronto, Ont.): a digital mortgage provider that uses machine learning and automation for home buyers.

Emma​ ​(Quebec City, QC): a life insurance platform that leverages big data to underwrite their insurances.

Willful​ ​(Toronto, Ont.): an estate planning platform that aims to make it easy, affordable, and accessible for Canadians to plan for and deal with death in a digital age.

Paper & Coin​ (Toronto, Ont.): provides financial coaching, courses, and content aimed to help millennials eliminate debt and build wealth.

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The startups joining the small business segment of the accelerator include:

Dryrun​ (Edmonton, Alta.): a cash flow management tool that pairs automation of intelligent financial forecasts with scenario planning and modelling.

Otis AI​ (New York, US): an AI-powered app that allows businesses to launch data-driven digital ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

Rivvi​ (Toronto, Ont.): an autonomous payroll platform that enables small businesses to offer their employees the benefit of choosing when they get paid.

Sparcblock​ (Toronto, Ont.): aims to streamline B2B transactions, reduce data entry and paperwork, and eliminate reconciliation.

Image source Unsplash. Photo by Dan Burton.

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