Edmonton’s LoginRadius Scores 800 Percent Growth in One Year

Edmonton’s social login tool LoginRadius has informed us that the past 12 months went over very well. The startup achieved 800 percent growth.

It’s nearly two years since the company was founded, which includes a four-month stint in Montreal last year for the FounderFuel accelerator program, and its time to blow out the candles. LoginRadius’ social platform is used by more than 120,000 websites around the globe, allowing sites to offer social login and social sharing. It also gives businesses access to user profile data.

LoginRadius’ social sharing widgets now receive 260 million views worldwide. Clients are gaining an average of six referrals per social share.

A modest release said that LoginRadius’ “astonishing” and “remarkable” 800 percent growth was achieved alongside expansion to offices in Jaipur, India and Silicon Valley.

“We are very proud to be celebrating two years of incorporation and the growth we have seen is just awesome. Once the new kids on the block, we’re now in a position to offer a tried and tested quality product that is scalable to support millions of users every day,”
said Deepak Gupta, the company’s CTO and co­founder. ““As we enter our third year of operation, we expect to pass many more exciting milestones. We are building on our continued rapid growth and you can expect big things from us in the months to come.”

Gupta and cofounder Rakesh Soni call the startup “the social login and sharing provider,” which allows websites to integrate 30 different social network APIs into one unified API. When Facebook, Twitter or Google upgrades something or changes a function, Login Radius saves developers the inevitable headache of going back, reading up on the documentation and modifying endless code.

It’s a website’s “dashboard-driven and maintenance-free social login and sharing platform,” simplifying social login implementation for experienced and less experienced developers.

The team raised a $1.3 million seed round in February from the Accelerate Fund, Yaletown Venture Partners, Real Ventures, BDC Capital and several Angel investors.

A free subscription gets users Social Sharing and Counter Widgets, while $8 per month gets users Social Sharing and Counter Widgets, Premium Sharing Themes, up to four social ID providers, 7,500 supported users social login CMS plugins and more. The premium plan goes for $149 and features a fully customizable social login among other treats.

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