Ecommerce report: Targeted campaigns account for only 5% of emails, result in 32% of revenue

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Ecommerce solutions builder Demac Media has released the results of its Q3 2016 Benchmark Report, a report the company releases every quarter examining the most effective ways that retailers can leverage ecommerce solutions — and how to take advantage of its insights.

The data was collected through Google Analytics and the retailers included in the report have customers in over 100 countries. Just like its Q2 report, Demac found that organic search was a retailer’s top acquisition channel with 38 percent of customers being acquired this way. Email marketing was the second at 16 percent.


“A combination of tried and true acquisition methods like organic search with properly executed email marketing could be your secret tool to make the most of Q4’s revenue opportunity,” the report said. “Follow best practices by sending only to segmented lists, and provide value through personalized content and promotions to build profitable relationships.”

Demac also found that targeted emails only count for five percent of traffic, but resulted in 32 percent of email revenue. “Batch and blast emails should be reserved for big promotional days like Black Friday, which applies to all shoppers equally,” the report said. “Start segmenting with a friendly welcome sequence and cart recovery emails. Measure your success, and iterate based on your CRM data to for continued success.”


The report recommends re-engaging with customers every three weeks, as returning customers organically visit every two to three weeks. Returning customers also spend three times more than one-time customers.

Facebook continues to be the top social network driving traffic, as 60 percent of customers were driven to retailers using Facebook (in Q2, this number was at 68 percent). Pinterest and Instagram were at 16 percent.

Get a copy of the report here.

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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