Ecofuel seeking cleantech startups for its spring 2017 cohort

Ecofuel accelerator

Montreal-based Ecofuel, a Cycle Capital Management-founded accelerator dedicated to growing cleantech startups, is now seeking startups to participate in its spring 2017 cohort.

Last week, Ecofuel celebrated the graduation of its fall 2016 cohort, which included AEPONYX, ARDA Power, NB BioMatrix, Electrobac, and Jaza Energy. For the past four months, the companies have received personalized coaching and one-on-one counselling from mentors. The accelerator works to prepare companies to raise funding shortly after graduation.

Companies also receive investment in the form of a convertible note of up to $75,000.

“The entrepreneurs of every cohort have confirmed to us the added value we bring as an accelerator for the cleantech startups,” said Richard Cloutier, president and CEO of the Ecofuel Accelerator. “Our role will scale up in the future, considering the strategic importance of the cleantech industry in the Canadian economy and for climate change.”

The deadline to apply for the spring 2017 cohort is December 31. However, the accelerator announced that it was implementing a new recruiting process in future cohorts; rather than having fixed recruiting periods for each cohort, companies can be considered for future cohorts should they miss a deadline. For example, companies that apply after the December 31 due date would be considered for the next cohort.

To apply for the accelerator, check out the official website here.

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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