Doors officially open to STEAMLabs, a brand new makerspace in Toronto


Today, Toronto gained a new addition to the makerspace community. STEAMLabs is a non-profit, all-ages community makerspace at Spadina Avenue, and will be dedicated to fostering creativity in a shared space. The space opened its doors this morning.

“We wanted to expand our mission to include adults and older users as well, and that meant reinvention,” co-founder Andy Forest told BetaKit back in May. “With STEAMLabs, we’re expanding to a makerspace for all ages and all experience levels. We’re still helping kids with making and coding, and we will have offerings for adults and kids who are experts at these different technologies to be able to have the space to use the tools and create what they want to create on their own, independently.

STEAMLabs includes access to PLA and ABS Printrbots, access to a woodshop, and access to in-house materials like electronics and acrylic. Introductory prices are in full effect for now, with monthly memberships starting at $95, a two-month membership gift card for $150, and yearly memberships at $750.

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Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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