DevOps platform Codezero raises $3.5-million seed round

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The platform is backed by GitHub CEO Thomas Dohmke.

Vancouver-based developer operations platform Codezero has secured $3.5 million in seed funding. 

Codezero fits into Ballistic’s investment themes with its “Shift-Left” and zero trust approach to the cloud development process. 

The round was led by Silicon Valley venture capital firm Ballistic Ventures, which gained a spot on Codezero’s board of directors through its general partner, Roger Thornton. Ballistic joins a list of angel investors that have previously backed Codezero, including Github CEO Thomas Dohmke, Peloton chief product officer Nick Caldwell, and former Reddit CTO Marty Weiner. 

With the new capital, Codezero said it plans to grow its sales and marketing teams and expand its partner network into enterprise DevOps and DevSecOps organizations, cloud service providers, and cloud migration specialists. 

Codezero was founded in 2018 by CEO Reed Clayton, CTO Narayan Sainaney, and company president David Shore to improve multi-cloud and collaborative microservices development with its Teamspaces offering. According to Clayton, developing microservices across differing cloud environments can force tradeoffs between developer productivity and security. 

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Normally, developers push their code to a test branch, wait for approval, and repeat that process multiple times until errors are resolved. Codezero’s Teamspaces acts as a cloud-based alternative to local code testing, duplicating the final product on the cloud for developers to test their code before sending it in for review. This allows developers to be more responsive and send in code they know is functioning, rather than wait for approval. 

Thornton said Codezero fits into Ballistic’s cybersecurity investment themes with its “Shift-Left” and zero-trust approach to the cloud development process. Shift-Left refers to checking for code security vulnerabilities earlier in the development process rather than before deployment. In other words, it prioritizes code security by moving it “left” in a linear timeline. 

Zero trust is an organizational security framework that assumes no application, user, or device can be trusted by default, requiring all parties in a network to be continuously vetted to gain and maintain access. 

“Our mission is to empower DevOps teams with collaborative, multi-cloud infrastructure that prioritizes both security and developer productivity,” Clayton said in a statement. “As a cybersecurity-focused VC firm, Ballistic shares in this mission, and we’re thrilled to be a part of their portfolio.” 

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