Deep Genomics CEO says disruption is in his company’s DNA

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As a city with a high concentration of hospitals, universities, and startups, Toronto is well-suited to lead the next generation of HealthTech.

Deep Genomics, a startup developing deep learning technology to find genetic mutations that lead to disease, is one company that has the potential to give researchers a valuable resource and potentially save lives. Recently, the company raised a $5 million seed round. Last week, Deep Genomics pitched its solution on The Disruptors.

“Most hospitals and most companies are using techniques that are not very accurate. At Deep Genomics we’re developing a technology that will raise performance to a new level,” CEO Brendan Frey said. “The closest competition is companies that use humans to manually go through all of those mutations one by one and try to figure out which ones have already been reported on in literature. This doesn’t scale, there’s way too many mutations to analyze.”

Co-host Bruce Croxon said that he was ‘blown away’ by Deep Genomics. “There’s a ton of brainpower working on this whole next decade that’s going to change the way we look after ourselves. There’s nothing not to like about this as an investor,” he said.

Likewise, co-host Amber Kanwar was also excited about the potential for the company to revolutionize health care. “You’re talking about personalized health care and medicine for each of these individuals,” she said. “So not even disrupting health care today, but also the pharmaceutical industry.”

Watch the pitch below:

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Jessica Galang

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