Creating an Email Campaign With Video? Vidyard Just Came Out With a New Tool

According to Waterloo-based startup Vidyard, modern marketers say that video is one of the most powerfully engaging pieces of content one can create, but sharing those videos in email can be a challenge. Done successfully though, and it can drive those ever-elusive click-throughs.

So today the company is announcing a partnership with ExactTarget, where users can now easily drag and drop videos from their library directly into email content.

For most people it’s a bit boring to read about this stuff, but for marketing nerds this will likely get them excited. It serves as a tool that can make their life slightly easier, and their marketing campaigns more effective.

“We are very pleased to welcome Vidyard and the Vidyard app to ExactTarget HubExchange,” said ExactTarget’s Ian Murdock. “Together, our companies are working to transform digital marketing, provide ways to make email content increasingly compelling, and create customer experiences that build loyalty and drive results.”

The Vidyard app is available through the “ExactTarget HubExchange” and provides a faster and easier way for digital marketers to make their email campaigns more engaging and measurable with visual links to video content and real-time viewer analytics.

After individual leads open an email, the tool can identify who watched the associated video content, and for how long. Engagement data for marketing automation can provide follow ups.

With a richer email experience, Vidyard says that marketers can transform readers into viewers and viewers into customers with the power of video.

It adds deeper functionality and interactivity to email campaigns, as well as detailed analytics data to measure your return-on-investment (ROI), which should appeal well to the “marketing nerds” as I evidently like to call them. Users will benefit from advanced video performance metrics, available in real time, with access to views, click through rates, viewer attention span, and geography. It’s like a data overload!


Marketers can also build customized calls to action right inside videos to generate leads, run contests and link to more relevant content.

“Vidyard is connecting the dots between digital marketers, allowing them – whatever their discipline – to grow their business with video,” said Vidyard CEO Michael Litt. “Using the Vidyard app, marketers leveraging ExactTarget can drag and drop a visually engaging link to video content right into their next email, plus eliminate stale or outdated content with the latest videos at their fingertips.”

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