Craves pivots its clothing image search app to focus on celebrity fashion

Last year, Calgary-based Craves launched to help users to search for retail items by uploading images from their camera roll, a screenshot, or a social network.

However, the company found that once celebrity outfits were submitted, engagement skyrocketed — and so, the company decided to build the app around that insight. Craves now allows its users to follow specific celebrity profiles, peek into a celebrity’s virtual closet, and scan celebs, brands, and retailer fashion direct from magazines and catalogs

“When we first opened Craves up to users, we thought everyone would use the app to scan and find their friend’s outfits. Much to our surprise, users instead submitted photos of their favourite celebrities—lots of celebrities,” said Craves app founder Scott Cormier. “The fashion finds were incredible and when users saw outfits from Craves on Facebook, they were 6x more likely to try the app if they were being worn by a celebrity.”

The app is also allowing influencers and celebrities to monetize their fashion by signing up to become a Craves Curator, sharing their favourite looks, and getting a cut of every purchase made from their profile. Users can also recognize a product by scanning an image of a celebrity, brand, or retailer in select printed material. Publishers interested in activating their print content and monetizing the looks in their publications can also sign up to become a Content Curator.

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

Freelance tech writer. Former BetaKit News Editor.

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