Coveo, D2L, and Faire looking to fill leadership roles

Product managers, UX leaders, and developers needed.

Many senior management and director positions have opened up as some Canadian tech companies look to re-orient themselves amidst the ongoing economic recession. Ranging from software to finance and AI, these positions are for experienced tech workers who want new challenges.

Check out just three Canadian tech companies hiring below and all of the organizations recruiting at Jobs.BetaKit for more opportunities.


Coveo is an AI-powered search engine that brings personalized and content-rich experiences to its clients, partners, and all users. It is a global provider of SaaS solutions in eCommerce, customer service, and workplace applications as well. Founded in 2005 out of Québec City, the company went public on the TSX in 2021 and is the employer of over 700 employees.

There are a number of roles open at Coveo including senior technical project managers for software implementation and their data platform. There are also a number of developer positions open in both backend and full-stack capacities.

The full list of Coveo’s open positions can be found here.


D2L is a software company specializing in e-learning management. The company was founded in 1999 but was bootstrapped until it raised $80 million in venture capital funding in 2012, the largest amount ever raised by a Canadian software company at the time. It recently went public on the TSX in 2021 and now has over 15 million users worldwide.

D2L is looking for a senior director of financial planning and analysis in both Kitchener and Toronto. They are also looking for product managers, business analysts, and product support analysts.

You can explore all of D2L’s open roles here.


Faire is an online wholesale marketplace with over 600,000 retailers selling across 25,000 cities worldwide. An “indie Amazon,” Faire works with small business owners and independent retailers on a global scale, leveraging machine learning data to connect its users to markets across the globe. Founded in 2017 by a group of Square alumni, Faire has closed over $1 billion USD of capital since the summer of 2021.

Faire is hiring for a number of roles in Kitchener and Toronto. It is looking for a head of UX research as well as a senior engineering manager. It is also looking to fill a number of roles in engineering for its mobile app in both iOS and Android.

Go here to view all of Faire’s open roles.

Michael Edgar

Michael Edgar

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