Collision releases schedule and launches official app


North American tech conference Collision recently launched its official app as well as the event’s detailed schedule.

“We wanted our app to help attendees to make the most of the Collision experience, and we’ve based its functions around the day-to-day wants and needs of the Collision crowd,” stated a post on the Collision blog.

The app itself serves as an attendee’s ticket to the conference with the ability to be scanned in, plus allows attendees to chat with one another. The app also offers a voting system to determine the PITCH and Machine Demo winners, a venue map, and the option to create a personalized schedule.

As for the schedule during the event, it’s updated in real time through the app, and is available for full viewing at the Collision website. The conference is hosting 17 different tracks ranging venture, SaaS Monster, as well as planet and auto tech.

Some highlights of the event include PandaConf, which is looking at the future of marketing for global companies and startups alike, a FullSTK track for developers with a session on the state of DevOps, a planet:tech track on “breakfast for a better world”, and as part of MoneyConf, a fireside chat with Akon on his cryptocurrency Akion.

Also, as part of the Night Summit, there will be events throughout the week, including at Mill Street Brew Pub in the Distillery District, which Collision promises as “the ideal spot for the best of your Collision networking.”

Taking place in Toronto for the first time May 20-23, Collision is partnering with the city to attract international talent. The event has also attracted more than 100 inbound trade missions looking to explore Canada’s innovation ecosystem.

Gearing up for the event Collision is also offering 2,000 offering free tickets to active software developers who apply by April 19.

Feature image courtesy Collision

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