Check Out Canada’s Most Talked About Topics on Facebook in 2013

The finest and most talented franchise in the National Hockey League (NHL), the Toronto Maple Leafs, was Facebook‘s most talked about topic in 2013. Inferior hockey clubs Montreal, Ottawa and Vancouver were nowhere to be seen on the list.

Ok, ok, I’ll stop. But seriously, the Leafs were in fact the most talked about topic. The Harlem Shake, the Miley Cyrus Twerk and the Boston Marathon were the second, third and fourth most talked about topics for Canadians. Fear not, as besides the Leafs, Canadian topics did actually make the list including Chris Hadfield, Rob Ford and Justin Trudeau.

“Conversations happening all over Facebook offer a unique snapshot of the world, and this year was no different. Every day, people post about the topics and milestones that are important to them – everything from announcing an engagement, to discussing breaking news, or even celebrating a favorite athlete or sports team,” wrote Facebook data editor Robert D’Onofrio. “We analyzed the past year’s worth of these posts to reveal the top global trends of 2013.”

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 The most checked in place in Canada was Rogers Arena in Vancouver and the most talked about topics in the world were Pope Francis, Election and Royal Baby. Nelson Mandela came in at 10th but had his death came earlier in the year, this almost ertainly would have changed.



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