Cheap Flights Finder Launches New York City Leg

Entrepreneur and international graffiti photographer Frédéric Prévost-Lebeuf launched after discovering a hidden talent for finding cheap airfares.

Travelling the world, Lebeuf captured graffiti pictures in a large number of cities, always travelling with the lowest possible air fares or mistake fares. What began as a need to upload editorial content on his graffiti website,, has now turned into a medium in which Lebeuf and his team of experts share their expertise and knack for finding cheap travel.

Founded in Montreal (hence the ‘Yul’), the site soon expanded its offerings to flights out of Quebec City, Toronto and Vancouver. Now it’ll offer web browsers cheap flights out of New York City. Prévost-Lebeuf said he sees NYC as just the beginning of several new markets in the US it plans to expand to.

There are currently over 45 deals from the NYC airports, a growing figure.

Differentiating from other discount travel sites, Yulair concentrates on cheap rates leaving from one city at a time — defaulting its search filters and leaving the destination open. “Being flexible, acting fast (as rates often disappear and sell out within days) and a sense adventure is all that’s required to use Yulair,” said Prévost-Lebeuf.

As a frequent visitor of cheap flights sites myself, I like the idea of a site enticing people to visit it based on its focus on one sole market. The space is a difficult one- there’s no clear leader, but rather tons of strong sites that each possess algorithms that seem to find routes that others might not have, including Kayak, Orbitz, Expedia,, Skyscanner and so many more. It means that those who have trained themselves to find those gems often search through multiple sites at once to try and find a hidden gem.

At least for now, Prévost-Lebeuf has found himself a nice niche in terms of attracting people looking to take advantage of deals only specific to their locale.

Today Yulair averages 100, 000 unique monthly visitors and has a social media following of over 80,000.

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