CanCon Podcast Ep. 15: Let’s talk startups and mental health

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72% of entrepreneurs report being affected by mental health conditions, and a third of them claim to be affected by two or more issues. On this special edition of the CanCon podcast, we talk about why entrepreneurs need to make mental health a priority.

This week is the Canadian Mental Health Association’s annual Mental Health Week, and in the spirit of sharing, we thought we’d open up the podcast to as many different voices as possible. This week’s podcast is by no means comprehensive on the subject of mental health and how it relates to startup culture, but it is a start.

Tune in as the CanCon podcast team is joined by no less than 6(!) special guests – Chris Gory, founder at Insurance Portfolio Financial Services; Chakameh Shafii, co-founder and CEO at TranQool; Ryan Shupak, co-founder at Jiffy; Rena Wang, analyst at SurePath Capital partners and co-founder PIQ pass; Jonathan Holtby, founder at Tack; Mudit Rawat, founder and CEO at Urbery – to talk about the perils of entrepreneurship and mental health.

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CanCon Podcast Episode 15 (05/05/16)

Resources, stories, and messages of hope
Why entrepreneurs need to make mental health a priority
Overcoming Depression 2.0 — The Startup Way
Info about Employee Assistance Programs
The Dialogue Projects
The Founder’s Battle For Mental Health
What I think about when I am alone

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Douglas Soltys

Douglas Soltys

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