Canadians Break Record for Most Selfies in an Hour

In your over-branded news story of the day, Canadians have broken the record for the most selfies in one hour. Skittles, as well as a Degrassi star that isn’t Drake, played a role in the publicity stunt.

The term ‘selfie’ just won’t go away. It recently became the Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year, received a dedicated section called ‘Sharing Selfies’ within Apple’s App Store, and was greeted with a Selfie Alarm feature on the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2.

A new Guinness World Record attempt was recorded yesterday as 421 “Canadian Selfie enthusiasts” came together to make history and claim the record for the most selfies taken in one hour. Apparently the main draw was Degrassi star Melinda Shankar who posed with fans at a rate of five per minute to break the mind-blowing record.

Philip Robertson, an adjudicator with Guinness World Records, declared, “I am pleased to officially declare that Canadians, with the help of Skittles, have successfully broken this Selfie record. On Canada’s birthday, these Canadians gave their country the gift of a world record. That’s a pretty sweet present.”

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