Canadian Tire opens Edmonton showcase store with VR backyard builder and car simulator

Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire has shifted from its old brick-and-mortar beginnings to become one of Canada’s leading technology-focused retail companies. The massive retailer recently unveiled a Cloud Computing Centre, and also launched a digital innovation centre in Kitchener-Waterloo.

Continuing down the innovation route and heading west to Edmonton, Canadian Tire has unveiled its ‘Showcase’ store, outfitted with an “unprecedented focus on products and services for life” through technology. The two-level store is 140,000 square feet, employs 249 people, and has “dynamic digital technology experiences.”

Canadian Tire

The store features are over 100 digital screens in several departments to make the customer experience like none other in Canada. For example, the Automotive department contains “Canadian retail’s first ever use of a car simulator, providing customers with the opportunity to test drive tires in different weather conditions before purchasing and installing them on their vehicle.” In addition, the Seasonal department allows customers to build their backyard and patio in 3D, using VR technology from Oculus.

“Canadian Tire’s new store in Edmonton is built around celebrating life in Canada and our investments in high-impact digital technology create a modern, inspirational and fun environment to shop,” said Allan MacDonald, Chief Operating Officer of Canadian Tire. “The speed of change and innovation in our industry means that we need to be nimble and try new things. I am proud to say that our Showcase store is the best of the best in retail around the globe.”


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