Canadian startups share the Apple App Store spotlight on Canada Day

As many Canadian founders will tell you, Canada’s supportive startup ecosystem and community is a point of pride. Between big moves like 500 Startups moving in to get a sneak peek on Canadian companies and homegrown Canadians working to foster senior talent, it will be exciting to see how much our ecosystem will grow in the next five years.

Fittingly, on Canada Day, the Apple App Store is featuring a special collection of Canadian-made apps people might not even realize are Canadian-made — but are loved around the world.

The full list of top Canadian apps (by platform) includes:


    Transit App
    Fit Brains Trainer


    Sago Mini Friends
    Cinemagraph Pro

    Apple Watch

    Fit Brains Trainer
    XE Currency
    Transit 360
    Quick Fit – 7 Minute Workout
    ecobee 3

    Apple TV

    Sago Mini Superhero TV
    500px – Discover photos
    Slice Fractions
    Fit Brains Trainer

    Mac App Store

    Capo 3
    Cinemagraph Pro

“Paying through a messaging channel is not a smooth experience. We often require the customer to fill out a form on a webpage to complete a transaction,” said Brandon Chu, senior product manager at Shopify, about the value of creating apps in a world where chat bots are taking over. “Although we expect messaging platforms to improve payment options in the near future, today, only apps can offer businesses high converting payment flows like saved credit cards and Apple Pay.”

For Vancouver-based Mark Baxter, the general manager at Rosetta Stone Fit Brains, Canada’s supportive startup community has been an “essential ingredient” to their success.

“The app was initially very well received, with an average 4.5 star rating, but after earning a coveted ‘Editor’s Choice’ in the iTunes App Store, the app quickly jumped into the top 10 in education, where it has largely remained over its lifetime. To date, since the launch of the app, Fit Brains has reached more than 20 million users,” said Baxter. “The best part of the local startup community is that there are a lot of networking events and experienced mentors who enjoy sharing their knowledge.”

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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