Canadian startup stories of the week (04/16/17)

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Top Stories of the Week

Real Matters

Real Matters files to go public on the Toronto Stock Exchange

The last Canadian tech company to go public was Shopify in May 2015.


Report: Canada has “unique” potential to lead in AI, but must address gaps in private sector funding and internet access

A new report says Canada “uniquely” has the most promise to lead in AI, adding $7.5 billion to the GDP and 170,000 jobs by 2025.

Startup Milestones

  • Scholastic acquires Charlottetown-based Ooka Island (Read here)

  • Electronic Arts plans to invest $500 million in Quebec’s video game industry over 10 years (Read here)

  • Toronto-based Modiface investing $4 million in university programs fostering AR and AI talent (Read here)

  • LANDR partners with ASCAP to provide unlimited mastering to 600,000 composers (Read here)

Must Reads


Actionable feedback, why it matters, and how to get better at giving it

Melissa Nightingale explains how to move away from giving feedback based on personal attributes, and give actionable feedback instead.


Raising Capital event talks about how to deal with “lying” VCs

“You need a good story and momentum more than you need detailed financials if you expect to raise VC money,” said panelist and CEO of BenchSci Liran Belenzon.

CANCON PODCAST EP. 63: AI’s Uncanny Valley plus the Internet of Ruining Everything


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