Canadian startup news of the week (11/18/18)

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Top Stories of the Week

North opens Focals showrooms, receives $24 million government investment(BETAKIT)

The Canadian government is investing $24 million in the company through the $1.26 billion Strategic Innovation Fund.

Alate Partners launches with $40 million in funding to boost real estate tech industry(BETAKIT)

The company is the brainchild of Relay Ventures managing partner John Albright and Dream president Michael J. Cooper.

Calgary startup ecosystem celebrates itself with Start Alberta Awards and launch party(BETAKIT)

“We’re really a bit of a hidden gem in Canada when it comes to our startup tech companies.”

Drop acquires predictive analytics company Canopy Labs(BETAKIT)

Since its launch in 2012, Canopy Labs has analyzed over $20 billion in sales data.

Startup Milestones

  • Precision OS raises $2.3 million to build VR simulations for surgery (Read here)

  • Logojoy raises $6 million to expand its design platform (Read here)

  • Mobeewave raises $22 million to enable contactless payments for businesses (Read here)

  • You.i TV raises $30 million for cross-platform app development program (Read here)

  • Knowtions Research raises $5 million with IVP, Alibaba (Read here)

  • Clearbanc raises $92 million CAD to help companies invest in marketing without dilution (Read here)

  • Wattpad launches paid content program in the US (Read here)

Must Reads

Why Canadian tech companies need to care about ‘Wayfair’(BETAKIT)

If your company sells to US customers, like many Canadian companies do, then this ruling may affect your business. PwC’s Rich Adam explains why.

Ask an Investor: How can I create optionality after I get an acquisition offer?(BETAKIT)

No matter what stage your business is in, optionality is something you can be proactively driving towards before an acquisition comes your way.

Is wearable tech back? (CanCon ep. 134)

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