Canadian startup news of the week (08/05/17)

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Top Stories of the Week

500 Canada to shut down fund investments following Dave McClure scandal(BETAKIT)

500 Canada will halt all fundraising and make no follow-on investments.

Maluuba closes Kitchener-Waterloo office, consolidating employees in Montreal(BETAKIT)

Sources close to the matter told BetaKit that it made more sense to move to Montreal because of its robust, university-led AI ecosystem compared to Kitchener-Waterloo.

Ottawa’s tech ecosystem primed to grow as companies seek to attract tech talent(BETAKIT)

The city needs to fill approximately 9,724 ICT positions by 2019.

Next 36 founders learn to “see through a corporate lens” at Mastercard Challenge(BETAKIT)

For the past three years, Mastercard has hosted the Challenge as a way to connect with startups on the ground.

Startup Milestones

  • Lending Loop raises $2 million, launches automated investment platform (Read here)

  • Flexiti Financial raises $6.25 million to scale POS lending platform for retailers (Read here)

  • RentMoola raises $5 million to accelerate growth in North America (Read here)

  • CoPower raises $2 million for clean energy investment platforms (Read here)

  • thisopenspace brings Shopify’s point-of-sale solutions to pop-up shops in Canada and the US (Read here)

  • SourceKnowledge opens Toronto and Los Angeles offices (Read here)

  • Montreal-based law firm launches AI assistant to help people navigate Canada’s immigration process (Read here)

Must Reads

#BetaKit1on1: Marie Chevrier’s advice to young entrepreneurs: go for it(BETAKIT)

In this #BetaKit1on1 (powered by PwC Tech), Sampler CEO and founder Marie Chevrier tells young entrepreneurs to just go for it.

Ask an Investor: Should I fundraise in the summer?(BETAKIT)

The best VCs are always on.

CanCon Podcast Ep. 79: 500 Canada falls apart. What’s next?

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