Government invests over $26 million into seven Ontario clean tech companies

The Government of Canada is continuing its investment into clean technology projects, this time hitting Ontario, which is considered to be the hub of manufacturing in country.

Announced today by Greg Rickford, Minister of Natural Resources, and Jane Pagel, acting CEO of Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC), seven clean tech initiatives will receive various investments totalling over $26.8 million. The companies are spread out across the province and include Grafoid, OTI Lumionics, Ranovus, Kelvin Storage, Polar Sapphire, GaN Systems and Ionada.

  • Grafoid is based in Ottawa and will receive $8,121,000 to develop low-cost, environmentally sustainable, high-quality graphene with a minimal environmental footprint.
  • Toronto-based OTI Lumionics will receive $5,700,000 to implement a pilot production line capable of producing high volumes of organic light-emitting diode (OLED) lighting panels.
  • Ranovus in Ottawa will receive $4,250,000 for commercializing technology that streamlines data through data centres reducing energy consumption four-fold.
  • Toronto=based Kelvin Storage will receive $2,800,000 to develop a Thermal Matrix Energy Storage (TMES) system to reduce greenhouse gas emissions produced by industrial facilities worldwide.
  • Polar Sapphire in Mississauga will receive $2,650,000 for an energy-efficient process to produce high-purity alumina, used in the production of synthetic sapphire.
  • GaN Systems in Ottawa will receive $2,188,000 to maximize the efficiency of electric vehicle chargers connecting to the power grid, reducing wasted heat and cutting power losses while batteries charge.
  • Ionada in Concord will receive $1,100,000 to produce a cost-effective, energy-efficient marine scrubber to remove sulphur oxides from ship exhaust.

The investments into these seven companies are made possible through the Canada’s Economic Action Plan and will support the creation of new jobs and a cleaner environment.

The SDTC is a not-for-profit foundation that finances and supports the development of clean technologies, which provide solutions to issues of climate change, clean air, water quality and soil, and aimed to deliver economic, environmental and health benefits to Canadians. To-date, the SDTC Tech Fund has supported 269 projects with $684 million allocated by the federal government.

Greg Rickford, stated, “Our government is investing in advanced clean energy technologies that create well-paying jobs and generate economic opportunities. Today’s announcement contributes to economic prosperity and a cleaner environment in Ontario and across Canada.”


Ian Hardy

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