Can FinTech help Canadian Muslims with financial access?

Manzil team
Culture, compliance, and regulatory roadblocks are leaving Canadian Muslims underbanked.

Apologies for the brevity this week, I’m drafting this on a plane ride back from Traction Conference in Vancouver.

Traction! That’s a good segue. Canadian FinTech companies haven’t found much of it recently, with significant layoffs at companies like Wealthsimple, Clearco, and Coinsquare, among others.

“I represent a different community that has different needs.”
– Mohamad Sawwaf,
Manzil CEO

It doesn’t help that the bottom dropped out of Canadian FinTech funding in Q2 of this year. While global FinTech funding fell 33 percent quarter-over-quarter, in Canada, that number was more like 75 percent, and 70 percent year-over-year (per CB Insights).

But let’s not forget that other component that makes scaling a Canadian FinTech company so difficult: competition. Or the lack thereof.

This week on the podcast we have Mohamad Sawwaf, co-founder and CEO of Manzil. Manzil is working hard to provide Halal financial services to Canadian Muslims, and claims to have some 12,000 families on a waitlist for those services. That’s an incredible number and market opportunity given the almost 2 million Muslims in Canada.

The Big Five banks must be knocking down Mohamad’s door looking to partner, right? Riiiiiight.

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As Sawwaf explains on the podcast, Manzil has been mostly shouldering the burden of building financial access to this demographic alone, running into multiple regulatory, compliance, and cultural roadblocks – roadblocks that don’t exist in other markets like the UK, which already offer similar services.

So what’s a Canadian FinTech startup to do? And how is the current downturn impacting Manzil’s chances for scale?

Let’s dig in.

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Douglas Soltys

Douglas Soltys

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