Calling all startups: fill out this #FinTech long-form census


PwC is asking Canadian FinTech startups and financial institutions to participate in a survey that will inform the next version of its global FinTech report.

The FinTech report, which is the result of data from what PwC colloquially calls its “long-form census for FinTech”, examines global trends, attitudes, opportunities, and threats presented by FinTech in the global financial sector.

The report asks financial institutions around the world to participate. Should PwC not acquire enough Canadian data, this market won’t be represented in the report and no Canada-specific data will be available.

“As part of PwC’s support of the tech and FinTech ecosystem globally, and more specifically in Canada, they are calling on Canadian FinTechs and financial services incumbents to complete an important survey that will form part of their regular global reporting and analysis of the space,” said Michael Dingle, managing director of within the tech sector at PwC Canada. “Let’s put Canada on the map and ensure that the strength and vibrancy of our FinTech sector is well-represented in the results.”

The insights from the survey will be published in early 2017. In March, PwC released a FinTech report that included 544 respondents working in roles like CEO and head of innovation. That report found that FinTech disruption happens mostly in the consumer banking and payments space; FinTechs are building solutions that are emphasizing customer service; and how banks are moving away from physical experiences in favour of digital SaaS platforms.

Fill out the survey here.

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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