Calgary Startup TinyTorch Wants to Make Social Content “as Viral as a Stupid Internet Meme”

Calgary-based startup TinyTorch says that in less time than it takes to brew a pot of coffee, businesses can login to find and schedule a month’s worth of relevant and engaging visual content to post on their social pages.

And they think its important for people to realize that too. After all, according to a release from the company, 78 percent of consumers say that posts made by companies on social media influence their purchases. Unfortunately more than 65 percent of businesses struggle to produce enough engaging content to build their social following.

This was a problem that founders Jon Bradshaw and Kylie Lakevold often experienced while managing over 40 social media accounts for various businesses.

“We would regularly search pinterest, google images, blogs and several other sites looking for social content to post to our clients pages,” said the founders. “It was time consuming to search all of the different sites and there was no central location to discover content or organize all of our post ideas and schedule them, so we decided to build TinyTorch.”

Businesses and brands can also create their own custom content, and save it to their profile for their own use or for other businesses and brands to share.

According to the startup, a large amount of the content is custom created by social media experts, designers and bloggers who are looking to increase their own brand awareness by getting their content into the hands of businesses and brands that will share it with their audience.

“Unlike our competitors who only provide businesses with trending news content, we recognized that visual and original content has the furthest reach on social networks,” said the founders Bradshaw and Lakevold When was the last time you got through a day without seeing a meme or quote in your news feed?”

The bootstrapped company wants other businesses to know that if they’re one of the 65 percent that struggle to produce enough content for your social pages, TinyTorch is launching its private beta and wants them on the invite list. Users can visit their site and sign up at any time.

TinyTorch expects to roll out beta testing within the next two weeks while a full launch is expected for “not long after.”

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