Buzz Connect and mnubo partner up to power up IoT-connected brands

LinqIQ fridge

Mnubo, a Montreal-based IoT analytics company, is partnering with Australia-based IoT product development agency Buzz Connect.

As Buzz’s focus is on helping brands come up with bespoke product designs, and mnubo’s on finding value for businesses based on IoT data, the two companies hope the partnership will allow them to deliver data-driven services for global brands.

One of mnubo and Buzz’s first products together is the LinqIQ, the world’s first smart beer fridge that uses the Electric Imp connectivity platform. Buzz used mnubo’s SmartObjects platform to prvide advanced IoT analytics for the fridge.

Slade Sherman, head of Buzz Digital, said that the partnership will allow brands to be able to understand actual consumer behaviour on how, when, and where product offerings are being used.

“For the first time, leading connected brands will gain 360° insights on how their media campaigns and marketing strategies impact real-time usage and engagement,” he said. “Mnubo’s purpose-built IoT analytics service will empower connected product manufacturers with a strategic decision-making engine.”

Mnubo’s IoT data science and machine learning platform will enable services such as brand engagement scoring, predictive replenishment and maintenance, and focused marketing and R&D spend.

“Buzz’s solutions epitomize the power of IoT to create consumer value. Brands are now able to build and enhance a dynamic, two-way relationship with their customers fostering deeper engagement, cultivating loyalty and driving incremental revenues,” said Frederic Bastien, CEO of mnubo. “Our partnership provides connected brands a clear path to monetize their data assets.”

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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