Bitmaker partners with Centre for Social Innovation to support impact startups

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As Bitmaker hosts its web development symposium showcasing the work of its latest cohort of web developers, the coding academy also announced a partnership with the Centre for Social Innovation.

Bitmaker’s students in web development now have the opportunity to work with companies based in the Centre for Social Innovation. The goal of the partnership, according to Bitmaker, is to provide “case study” final projects and experience to students while also providing much-needed tech support to impact startups.

As part of their final projects, students in this upcoming symposium will showcase the work they’ve done with three startups: The Next Super Geek, Mommy Monitor, and Starts with Me.

“All of our team is here to help people start new careers and transfer everything we’ve learned to the next generation of designers or developers,” said Mike Jarrell, director of partnerships at Bitmaker. “Our partnership with the amazing, mission-driven Centre for Social Innovation connects our students with an opportunity to apply what they’re learning for an immediate positive impact – while gaining confidence and experience. In turn, the Centre for Social Innovation is able to offer their members access to passionate and talented developers who can help bring their vision to life and push their projects forward.”

Students will work with CSI in an educational capacity, rather than a client-partner relationship. Bitmaker instructors are also involved in vetting the project submissions and attend the meetings alongside the students.

The web development symposium takes place on August 9.

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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