BioConnect’s Bianca Lopes says biometrics are the next generation of verifying online identity

As the number of apps people sign up for increases, so does the number of usernames and passwords they have to keep track of.

And with that, people’s risk of experiencing identity fraud can grow as well.

At a recent TechToronto event, Bianca Lopes, VP of marketing and global partnerships and alliances at BioConnect, made a case that protecting identity is crucial amid the rise of tech startups, and highlighted the advancements in identification processes that can be used to protect identity.

BioConnect provides a platform that allows people to authenticate with unique credentials such as their face, eyes, heartbeat, or fingerprint. At TechTO, Lopes said that having so many usernames and passwords can be problematic if they become the primary source of identification for people.

“How many usernames and passwords you’re going to have for every app…that’s going to be the definition of identity,” said Lopes. “Is this a real problem in today’s world? Well, it kind of is when your username and your password is the definition to get you UberEats, or how you’re going to get into an application to connect with your kids. There’s so much room for fraud and usernames can be stolen.”

Lopes said that the risk of identity fraud can be tackled with the advancement and greater use of biometrics.

“Identity and technology has evolved to enable you to use biometrics as a form of identification,” said Lopes. She added that using the different forms of biometric identification such as fingerprints, face and voice recognition, or even how a person walks can actually go a long way in protecting identities.

“It’s not that creepy. It’s much more secure than your username and password,” said Lopes. “Do I think biometrics can enable a different future…I sure do.”

Watch the full talk below:


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