Beyond the buzzword: gamification is the future of culture and business

A new program called ‘Game Change’ is applying the mechanics of gaming as a business model for recognizing and rewarding employee achievements in the workplace. According to the latest book, published from a study by global media and communications agency PHD, that explores the “gamification” and how a point system is responsible for encouraging higher levels of engagement and deeper employee collaboration.

Statistics shows that about 81% of employees are “not engaged” which reportedly costs an estimates $3.1 trillion per year (globally). Although gaming has an unfortunate capacity for attracting negative headlines, this program explores the mounting evidence and opinions from a number of commentators who discuss that gaming can actually be a force for good, especially when applied to real life problems. This “Engagement Economy” is a shift in the corporate structure and leaders are encourage to harness this as a way to incentivize employees.

“Game Change” is co-authored by game designer Jane McGonigcal and PHD’s worldwide strategy and planning director, Mark Holden. Though unconventional, this method of rewarding player achievement effectively offers a solution to creating new, more collaborative management process in large companies and is quickly being touted as the future of team building.


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