BetaKit Live: How Coinbase is growing crypto adoption in Canada

BetaKit Live: Coinbase
Join BetaKit and Coinbase on April 4, 2024 for a fireside chat on X, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Thanks to a rally in prices, rising institutional acceptance, and regulatory approvals of Bitcoin ETFs south of the border, cryptocurrencies are making a big comeback. This crypto resurgence is echoing through Canada as well, and it’s prompting the next priority for the industry: fostering adoption.

Data from Coinbase reveals that a third of Canadians would be willing to buy more digital assets if they knew that this industry was regulated, which is why Coinbase has deepened its push into the Canadian market. Today, Coinbase announced it has obtained restricted dealer status from the Canadian Securities Administrators, making it the first international and largest cryptocurrency exchange to be registered in Canada.

In partnership with Coinbase, BetaKit is happy to present a live-streamed fireside discussion tackling the company’s focus on growing the opportunity for digital assets in Canada, the future of money, and Canada’s innovation opportunity.

Don’t miss this BetaKit Live on April 4, 2024, presented by Coinbase Canada, featuring Lucas Matheson, CEO of Coinbase Canada, and Satish Kanwar, Board Chair of BetaKit.

How Coinbase is growing crypto adoption in Canada

When: April 4, 2024 at 1:00PM-2:00PM EDT
Where: X, LinkedIn, YouTube
Speakers: Lucas Matheson (CEO, Coinbase Canada) and Satish Kanwar (Board Chair, BetaKit)


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