BetaKit launches new program for Innovation Leaders

BetaKit Innovation Leaders
More than 16 leading organizations named as partners supporting BetaKit’s journalistic mission.

Today, we are pleased to announce BetaKit Innovation Leaders, a new program designed to provide Canada’s top innovation organizations with exclusive programming and insights.

This is a new building block in BetaKit’s evolving business model, and one that helps ensure our independent journalism remains open and accessible to everyone in Canada, a value proposition we wear with pride in today’s paywalled media landscape.

As an embedded part of Canada’s startup and tech ecosystem for more than a decade, BetaKit delivers great value and impact beyond our news coverage. With today’s program launch, we have codified a proven and scalable offering with value for every organization that has a vested interest in the future of Canadian tech. This program will operate separately from and have no impact or influence on BetaKit’s editorial coverage and journalistic decision making.

BetaKit Innovation Leaders will benefit from exclusive programming streams, tailored insights, and increased visibility of their work across the ecosystem through our partner offerings.

Most importantly, their investment will help expand our coverage of Canadian tech and innovation, benefitting our readers and the sector at large.

It’s never been more important that Canadian tech stories are told. We must spotlight, document, and analyze the country’s vital innovation work, as well as the sector’s ongoing challenges. 

Like BetaKit, our partners understand journalism’s value to the entire sector, to Canadian businesses, and to the Canadian economy. In fact, the ongoing exchange of information is what helps founders, leaders, teams, companies, and markets grow.

At a time when the country needs strong voices to chart its future course, BetaKit aspires to be a central resource for those engaged with and intrigued by Canadian tech and innovation. There’s much to do on their behalf: our focus continues to be on increasing our editorial coverage and capabilities, and delivering the best news experience and products.

Our new program is an evolution of our previous Patreon-based program, which we continue to maintain for our wonderful individual supporters, of whom we are extremely grateful.

We’re accepting new partners to join the BetaKit Innovation Leaders in their mission to support Canadian tech and Canadian tech journalism. Thanks to our many early and long-time partners across the country for their continued commitment. 

Like all of them, we have big plans. And we are just getting started.

Siri Agrell, CEO

Thank you to all our BetaKit Innovation Leaders for their support:

Siri Agrell

Siri Agrell

Siri is the CEO of BetaKit. She is a seasoned Canadian journalist and tech ecosystem leader who has developed a reputation for impact across sectors, with a background of leadership in technology, media and government.

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