BetaKit.Fund is our investment in the Canadian Startup community


We are believers in Canada and the opportunities that are created here. With BetaKit, we chose to focus our attention on Canadian startups and tech innovation for the sole reason that there is so much happening here that the world needs to see and read about.

BetaKit has worked hard this year to bring you unique content: breaking news, surveying the community, and even interviewing an astronaut. However, storytelling can only go so far in helping Canadian businesses. We will continue to tell your great stories, but we hope the next evolution of BetaKit will help Canadian businesses become great and win globally.

The BetaKit Job Board is a different kind of job board.

Building a business is tough. You have to press forward every day. Wake up early. Go to bed late. It’s a grind, but incredibly rewarding when you achieve even the smallest milestone.

We genuinely want to see your business succeed. In order for us to truly assist the Canadian startup community, we need to work with you to help alleviate some of the pressure. We know that money and talent are two of the main impediments to reaching the end goal.

Next week, we’ll officially launch the BetaKit Job Board. Dedicated solely to the Canadian startup ecosystem, this is a resource for you to promote the open positions within your company. It will be free to use and we will highlight various positions on our social channels and network, to ensure you find the talent you need to help your company grow.

BetaKit Job Board

However, the BetaKit Job Board is a different kind of job board. It’s free to use, or if you’re so inclined, there is an option to “pay what you want.” The “pay what you want” model operates allows for any denomination you want: $1, $2, $5, $50, $1,000… it’s up to you. If you decide to go this route, your contribution will go directly into the BetaKit.Fund.

What is the BetaKit.Fund? It’s our way of investing in Canada’s startup community. All money in the BetaKit.Fund goes towards events and initiatives dictated by the community to help grow the community. We will continually track the total amount raised in the BetaKit.Fund, and at the end of the year, let the community decide how to best invest that money.

So if there is $100, $10,000 or $100,000 in the BetaKit.Fund, all of it will be going right back into the community to help accelerate its growth. Pitch competitions, hackathons, demo days, new partnerships or programs – BetaKit.Fund will support whatever the Canadian startup community needs to keep innovating.

We want to help fill your jobs but we don’t want to take your money. We want to build this community with you. The only way we know how to is to invest and stay invested.

The tagline for the BetaKit Job Board and BetaKit.Fund is: Post a job. Pay what you want. Build the community.

Again, we’ll be officially launching the BetaKit Job Board next week and will update you once it’s live.

We’re proud to work with you and hope you like it. Use it to grow.


Ian Hardy

Ian is publisher at MobileSyrup. He's been quietly creating and building things for years and is completely addicted to Tim Hortons.

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