BetaKit Best of 2015


2015 was an incredible year for Canadians startups, and BetaKit was there to document the highs and lows every step of the way. Below you’ll find our best writing, and the best writing submitted to us by the startup community. Enjoy!


Google Glass is dead. Long live Google Glass

No one is doing VR like Sulon

MaRS’ new District 20 means business

Technological tensions: voicing opposition to Bill C-51

Bridging bricks and clicks: how Frank & Oak wins millennial males online and IRL

The gym of the future will PUSH you to your PEAK

The secret startups

Canadian startup community responds to impending Shopify IPO

#YVR FinTech: the business of your money is changing

#YVR FinTech: a cultural shift towards money

The jagged little smartwatch pill

It’s a Tech Bubble. Or is it?

Female Funders launches with mission to create 1000 new female angel investors

How Picatic got customers to (actually) Pay What They Want

First we take Manhattan: How Canadian startups can go big in NYC

Commander Chris Hadfield


Jon Lax speaks out

Adam Nanjee wants Canada to be a global FinTech leader

Andreas Antonopoulos doesn’t know what happens next

In conversation with Commander Chris Hadfield

Bruce Croxon wants to wake up the old guard with new show The Disruptors

Vision Critical’s Andrew Reid wants a “Caring Economy”

Talking IP, IPOs, and big bets with SHOES.COM’s Roger Hardy

Musician, Entrepreneur, Author: Riffing with David Usher on Creativity and His New Book

Influitive Closes $30.5M Series B Round. CEO Mark Organ shares how

Kathryn Loewen shares Control’s funding strategy

Steve Tam

Guest Editorials

Roger Chabra of Rho Canada Ventures: 9 things I learned from Chango’s acquisition

Due South: opportunities are not bounded by geography

Crowdfunding 101: no potato salads

Biohacking is here and going mainstream

Founders: when to ditch the ramen and give yourself a raise

Do you need a mentor for your startup?

It’s time for ‘Code’ to become Canada’s third language

Get Lucky: how your company can go viral

For women in tech, change comes slowly

Startups, fear not your party round

Mark MacLeod (@StartupCFO) explains why we need Canadian VCs

Why Indiegogo’s Steve Tam says work-life balance doesn’t exist

Payso co-founder Nat Cartwright: Women founders in tech can turn the tables

Making sense of early-stage funding options

A single voice for the startup community

Yes and Yes Yes


#Dx32015: Mike Serbinis wants Canadians to change the world or move on

#TechisBack: viva the Canadian tech renaissance

Not at #BetaKitIPO? Here’s what you missed

Saying yes to the future of conferences

August #WWTO redefines disability

#Firesideconf turns the tech conference into summer camp

Collaboration trumps competition at #HackTheNorth

Spotlight Awards shine a light on Canada’s startup moment

CIX showcases what’s next for the Canadian startup landscape

Bruises turn to muscle: 6 weeks with Startup Next Toronto

Douglas Soltys

Douglas Soltys

Douglas Soltys is the Editor-in-Chief of BetaKit and founder of BetaKit Incorporated. He has worked for a few failed companies and written about many more. He spends too much time on the Internet.

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