BattleHack Toronto is happening July 18th, offering developers a chance to ‘own the axe’ and $100,000

The annual BattleHack competition is once again making a stop in Toronto. The PayPal, Braintree, and Venmo-backed event will take place at the MaRS Discovery District on July 18th, with the Toronto City Winners venturing on to compete at the global competition on November 14th-15th.

“O CODING, WE STAND ON GUARD FOR THEE!” is the Canadian battle cry to encourage developers to participate in the experience. The BattleHack site notes that “all breeds of code” are welcome, but participating teams are challenged to develop a mobile app within 24-hours that solves a local problem of their choice, incorporating either PayPal’s API, or Braintree and Venmo’s respective SDKs.

Whichever team is crowned the regional winner will be flown to the World Finals in Silicon Valley to compete for the glory of an honest-to-god axe, plus $100,000 (USD).

Ian Hardy

Ian Hardy

Ian is publisher at MobileSyrup. He's been quietly creating and building things for years and is completely addicted to Tim Hortons.