BAI Beacon speakers reveal their top FinTechStage picks


Technology and innovation never ceases to be top of mind as the financial industry clamors to get ahead of the curve. Yet no event in the U.S. has provided one place for the world’s foremost visionaries in financial services to connect face-to-face to solve the business challenges of tomorrow — until now.

On Oct. 5-6, 2016, BAI Beacon is partnering with FinTechStage to bring some of the most influential speakers from around the globe to Chicago to explore the key issues surrounding innovation in the financial services industry.

With such an impressive speaker lineup, BAI wanted to know who the speakers themselves were most interested in hearing from — and why. We reached out to some of BAI Beacon’s featured presenters and got the inside scoop on the personalities bringing key topics to life.

JP Nicols is the Chairman of Next Money and will participate in a panel discussion on the top five innovations shaping financial services. JP’s top speaker picks include:

  • Sam Maule: “Sam not only has vast knowledge about all things FinTech, he’s a funny and entertaining storyteller. I never miss hearing what Sam has to say.”
  • Matteo Rizzi: “Matteo has a deep understanding of what works and what doesn’t in financial services, and what definitely doesn’t work is a solution that is not compliant, no matter how great the technology.”
  • Kosta Peric: “Kosta brings a unique global perspective on how technology can help the financial services industry make profound changes to the billions of underbanked around the world— and why it’s not only a good thing to do, it’s also good business.”

Ron Shevlin is Director of Research with Cornerstone Advisors and will lead a session on the “platformification” of financial services. Ron’s top speaker picks are:

  • Sam Maule: “I’m really looking forward to hearing Sam Maule—I don’t think there’s anyone in the industry who can blend on-the-ground experience in payments with a strategic perspective on where the industry is going, and how FinTech will change things.”
  • JP Nicols: “Excited to hear what JP Nicols has to say. JP has emerged as the preeminent expert in banking on not just what is innovative, but how to be innovative.”
  • FinTechStage: “Can’t wait to see the FinTechStage. What Matteo Rizzi did with Innotribe at SWIFT was amazing, and I’m sure FinTechStage will be the same.”

Sam Maule is Director, Head of Digital/FinTech at NTT DATA Consulting. He will present a keynote talk on innovating as the “second oldest profession in the world” and will participate in a panel on future trends in the financial industry. Sam’s top speaker picks include:

  • Matteo Rizzi: “I haven’t heard him speak since Mexico City in 2014. He has the international experience and view on the industry that I find fascinating.”
  • Future Trends Panel: “I know I’m part of the panel, but I’m also looking forward to hearing JP, Brad, and Rumi’s views on future trends. This is always a litmus test for me to see if I’m in alignment with industry thought leaders.”
  • Ruth Polachek: “I’ve followed and chatted virtually with her since her time at Citi. I find her a breath of fresh air.”

Steven Ramirez is CEO of Beyond the Arc and will be speaking on managing UDAAP risk among marketing teams. Steven’s top speaker picks are:

  • Matt Wilcox and Ron Shevlin: “Two of the sharpest thinkers in FinTech. Every time I see one of them speak, I get a flood of new ideas about innovation in our industry.”

Pascal Bouvier is Venture Partner at Santander InnoVentures and will participate in a panel discussion on key innovation trends in payments technology. Pascal’s top picks are:

  • Jonathan Darmapalan: “What Jonathan is doing in the world of digital currencies is rather intriguing. His company has the potential of re-architecting what we mean by money.”
  • Ruth Polachek: “Ruth has deep knowledge of the FinTech space. Her latest venture will be one to follow, being as it may at the intersection of machine learning and SMEs.”
  • Jason Gardner: “Marqeta has been on a tear lately. One of the few FinTech payment startups focused on the issuing side of the equation. One would be shrewd to hear him talk and study what his team is achieving.”

Conny Dorrestijn is an owner of Shiraz Partners and will also be speaking on payments technology innovation panel. Conny’s top speakers picks are:

  • Kosta Peric: “This topic, financial inclusion, links my FinTech business and life interests as I am linked to the Global Give Back Circle aimed at giving young girls the opportunity to build and live a life through education and coaching.”
  • Pascal Bouvier: “Pascal is an entertaining and sharp thinker. I think real blockchain opportunities are ten years out, but this is like the era of the promise of internet before we had a browser.”
  • Rital L. Carroll: “I always see risk as a reverse opportunity, hence my interest in her balancing of risk and reward, in particular, since we expect risk staff to be rigid and process-focused.”

Finally, Matteo Rizzi is a founder of FinTechStage and will be speaking on how compliance and risk leaders can help their line of business peers innovate within a rapidly changing regulatory environment. As the co-curator of the FinTechStage program, Matteo has literally picked all the speakers, but one stands out:

  • Kosta Peric: “The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation approach on financial inclusion and their Level One Project are changing the world with a different, but just as effective approach as the Omidyar Network, the organization I am very proud to work for.”

Register now for BAI Beacon along with FinTechStage, which takes place October 5-6 in Chicago.


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