Axiom Zen selects intern from the #HTML500 event, Dr. Aidha Shaikh starts in May for 8-weeks

The #HTML500 happened last month and over 500 developers attended “Canada’s Largest Learn-to-Code Event” The event was organized by Lighthouse Labs and brought TELUS, Hootsuite, BC Innovation Council (BCIC) and Axiom Zen on as sponsors.

The goal of the event was to give those who are interested in coding an opportunity to learn the basic requirements to build a website using HTML and CSS, raise awareness of the Vancouver tech industry, and give participants a better understanding of what skills are needed to succeed.

One of the major prizes was an 8-week paid internship from Axiom Zen. At the time, Nick Chow, Axiom Zen Producer, stated “We believe in the importance of coding for every member of the team. It’s essential to us that everyone be literate in the basics. Even our non-engineering team members participate in hacking in-house projects.”

Now a number of weeks later Axiom Zen has selected the lucky winner and Dr. Aidha Shaikh will join the team. Shaikh received her PhD from UBC and is currently a Post Doctorate Fellow with the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)’s Industrial R&D Fellowship (IRDF) program.

Shaikh will start on May 5th and said that “I’m so excited to work with Axiom Zen and rub shoulders with some of the best talent in the tech industry… This kind of environment and personality-type really resonates with me.” It seems that she’ll also be putting her background as a scientist to work, stating that “A big part of research is solving problems and looking for innovative solutions, and those skills come with me as I venture into technology. I can’t wait to see how far I can push my limits.”

Source: Axiom Zen


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