Aspect Biosystems wins Metabridge’s Most Promising Startup of 2017 Award

Non-profit Metabridge announced a Vancouver biotech company, Aspect Biosystems, as the winner of its 2017 program in Kelowna, BC.

Aspect Biosystems was voted most promising startup of 2017 by VIP mentors, based on their experience of meeting co-founders Tamer Mohamed and Simon Beyer over two days of roundtables and one on one meetings. The people’s choice, voted by the audience, went to Data Nerds.

“Fundamentally, Metabridge is about building relationships.”
– Steve Wandler

“We’re focused on developing 3D printing technology that can print living human tissues,” said Mohamed. “Using this technology, we aim to drive a paradigm shift forward in the way we develop drugs and treat diseases. Our long-term goal as a company is to enable the production of replacement organs that can replace damaged or malfunctioning parts inside of your body.”

He continues, “We see initial opportunities in changing medical practice and therapeutic discovery, and developing tissues that can be used as drug testing platforms as opposed to using animal models.”

The company is also focusing on opportunities in the regenerative medicine space, where they can develop tissue therapies for surgical produces.

Aspect Biosystems spun out of the University of British Columbia in November 2013, and has partnered with pharmaceutical and biotech firms on tissue co-development, including a recent deal with Johnson and Johnson.

Aspect Biosystems’ bioprinting platform will be launched this year as part of an Early Access Program where the company will work closely with research institutions to accelerate the development of novel tissue applications.

Previous Metabridge winners include RentMoola, which recently announced an API partnership with Naborly, and Fatigue Science.

Metabridge, now in its ninth year, draws VCs, entrepreneurs, and mentors from companies including Google, Reach Capital, and Microsoft Ventures. Fifteen startups from across Canada are chosen to take part in the program each year with the goal of accelerating startups by providing them with access to mentorship and venture capital.

“Fundamentally, Metabridge is about building relationships. It connects the best and brightest founders of Canadian tech startups with mentors, tech executives and investors to help grow their organization,” said Metabridge founder, Steve Wandler. “Every year we’re trying to improve and tweak and change. We’re not looking to be a conference. This isn’t a pitch competition. And there are multiple reasons why we do this the way we do.”

Applications are open for mentors interested in the 10th program in 2018. Metabridge Live will be held in Kelowna, BC between June 6 to 8, 2018.


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