Ask The Doctor wants its tech to empower patients communicating with doctors

When we visit our family physicians, the appointments go by so quickly that we don’t always get the answers to our medical questions.

That’s where Ask the Doctor, the latest pitch on The Disruptors, comes in. The Toronto-based company has created an app that allows any person to ask a question to a doctor or medical specialist online. Users can type out sensitive medical questions and expect to receive an answer from a general physician or specialist within two hours by paying a fee, or expect an answer within five to seven days for free.

“We have a network of over 20,000 doctors and specialists all around the world,” said Prakash Chand, CEO and co-founder of Ask the Doctor. “We found that the problem was that physicians interrupt patients within 12 to 23 seconds of them talking, so when a user is able to type in his or her medical question, we’re creating content that is uninterrupted.”

Ask the Doctor recently began operations in its new office in China, and acquired the largest health platforms in India and the United Kingdom in 2015.

Co-host Bruce Croxon says he likes the idea because there are a lot of sensitive topics people are afraid to talk about, so this creates a unique platform for people to ask those questions.

“This is another way that people can talk about their issues and make sure that we’re all staying healthy,” said Croxon.

Watch the full pitch below:

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