Application deadline for Creative Destruction Lab’s quantum machine learning stream ends July 31

Creative Destruction Lab

The Creative Destruction Lab is only accepting applications for its quantum machine learning stream until July 31.

The one-year program was first announced in May, and includes an introductory boot camp led by Dr. Peter Wittek, author of Quantum Machine Learning: What Quantum Computing means to Data Mining. CDL’s technology partner, D-Wave, will allow program participants to use D-Wave’s 2000Q, the world’s only commercially available quantum system. The company will also provide instruction and technical support.

The accelerator says that by 2022, Canada will produce more successful quantum machine learning software companies than the rest of the world combined — and it wants to get ahead of the quantum revolution.


“With quantum technology maturing so rapidly, the time to start thinking about these partnerships is now. Creative global collaboration is key, and CDL has positioned itself at the forefront,” said Daniel Mulet, associate director of the Creative Destruction Lab.

US-based VCs will also provide funding to companies, including Bloomberg Beta, Data Collective, and Spectrum 28. Ventures accepted to the program will receive $100,000 ($80,000 USD) in equity financing.

In addition to investor funding, CDL will offer relocation and visa assistance to international applicants. CDL will also provide business training by involving Rotman MBA students and alumni in these projects.

The program has already attracted international applicants.

The program has already attracted international applicants, including Richard East, who is moving to Toronto from Oxford where he’s completing a master’s degree in math and foundations of computer science and quantum computing.

“I co-founded an information security firm last year, and the idea of getting involved in quantum computing should it take off is extremely appealing — it’s a pretty rare opportunity,” said East.

At CDL, East hopes to develop a prototype that can achieve and determine the meaning of sentences and analyze themes, along with potentially developing a system that can look at this data and apply it to an existing business case. “The opportunity to start a quantum software company in an incubator just doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world.”

The program begins in September. For more information, check the official application page here.

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Jessica Galang

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