AppCarousel acquired by San Francisco-based AppDirect

AppCarousel, a Calgary-based app management platform for connected cars, smartphones, smart screens, and tablets, as well as other connected devices, has been acquired by AppDirect, a company focused on cloud service commerce.

The acquisition of AppCarousel’s team and technology will help AppDirect continue to power its cloud service ecosystem. Together, AppDirect and AppCarousel hope they can help businesses deploy white-label app and cloud service marketplaces, direct billing and distribution services, and reseller management services, as well as enable businesses that have unique and custom needs when it comes to their app ecosystems.

“AppCarousel has built an amazing business delivering applications to a wide range of smart screens, in-car technology and home entertainment devices,” said Daniel Saks, AppDirect’s president and co-CEO. “AppDirect’s mission has always been to help people find, buy and use the software they need, and as of today that includes software on virtually any connected device.”

At the same time, Emanuel Bertolin, CEO of AppCarousel, says the company is excited that the acquisition means that they’ll be able to tackle multiple markets. “Working together with AppDirect means we can jointly tackle two massive markets, cloud service commerce and the Internet of Things, by helping businesses manage and monetize software across platforms and devices.”

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

Freelance tech writer. Former BetaKit News Editor.

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