Android TO Returns to Toronto in October

AndroidTO, Canada’s largest Android conference, will return to Toronto this year when it takes place on October 30.

This years’ conference will feature a variety of interactive and engaging experiences with mobile, wearables, TV platforms and beyond, as over 300 developers across Canada will be expected.

The day-long event will feature “incredible sessions from thought leaders and some of the biggest names in Android. These are the pioneers and tastemakers who are defining how we interact with the Android-connected world. AndroidTO is the place where we can explore current, potential and predicted trends.”

Speakers will include bNotions’ Matthew Patience, where event-goers will “walk away from this session with the knowledge of how to apply the concepts of material design to your application’s design, interaction, and animation while still remaining unique to your brand.”

Lynxfit’s Cecillia Abadie will talk about the world of wearables, with its challenges and opportunities, from the heads up displays like Google Glass to the Android Wear smart watches.

Cyanogenmod’s Danesh Mondegarian will take a beginners look at contributing to an open source Android project: his talk will cover an introduction into coding for Android, all the relevant tools you will come across and tips and tricks to get around common obstacles in getting your code submitted.

Meanwhile, Bionym’s Nikita Tarakanov will present an overview of the Nymi SDK that allows integrating apps and devices to take advantage of the Nymi Identity Solution, review the sample code and call flows, and present demos of the Nymi solution in action along with the use of the Nymi Emulator (the Nymulator!). Attendees will be asked to take these tools and build a simple Android application.

More speakers include Yahoo’s Tejas Lagvankar, Tumblr’s Kevin Grant, Miao Miao Games’ Macy Kuang.

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