Allen and Eva Lau’s Small Fish Ventures invests in Toronto-based Hubba


Two Small Fish Ventures, an angel investment firm composed of husband and wife duo Allen and Eva Lau, announced today that it is investing in Hubba’s upcoming Series A round.

Previously, Hubba closed a 3.1 million seed round in December.

This marks the third time Allen and Eva Lau have made an investment into a local company. In March, the two took part in CareGuide’s seed round, and prior to that, in December, the duo invested in Gallop Labs.

Hubba is a platform for product information. According to the company, more than $1-trillion worth of products are bought and sold based on digital product information, yet less than 25 per cent of that information is actually accurate. The company sees its platform as a solution to that problem.

“This investment in Hubba is also very special to us because Brightspark Ventures led their seed round,” says Eva Lau on the blog post announcing the investment. “It’s such an honour that we are now co-investing with Brightspark’s Mark Skapinker. Both Allen and myself were Brightspark alumnus and we both started our career at Delrina, the firm that Mark co-founded.

“The founders of both Brightspark and Delrina have been our mentors in entrepreneurship for many years. Their mentorship greatly helped us in becoming contributors in the tech startup ecosystem in Toronto. We look forward to contributing to our community, just like what they did and are still doing.”

Details on the investment were not disclosed. Further details on Hubba’s Series A round are also pending.


Igor Bonifacic

Igor Bonifacic is a Toronto-based writer interested in exploring the intersection of technology, entrepreneurship, and life.

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