Alberta government announces $70 million cleantech challenge

The Alberta government announced it is launching a $70 million challenge to encourage companies in the biotechnology, electricity, and sustainable transportation industries to develop clean technologies.

The funding for the Biotechnology, Electricity, and Sustainable Transportation (BEST) challenge is being provided through Emissions Reduction Alberta.

The challenge will accept project proposals from technology developers, industry, industrial associations, SMEs, research and development organizations, post-secondary institutions, non-profit organizations, and government programs. It is also open to international projects as long as they are piloted, demonstrated, or implemented in Alberta.

“We are looking for innovative technologies that will strengthen Alberta’s economy and reduce GHG emissions.”

“We are looking for innovative technologies that will strengthen Alberta’s economy and reduce GHG emissions,” said Shannon Phillips, minister of environment and parks and the minister responsible for the climate change office. “This challenge reinforces the benefits of working across sectors to find clean technology solutions. As always, Albertans are the source of innovation and we proud to support made-in-Alberta projects.”

The Alberta government said the three industries—which are the main focus of the challenge—account for 40 percent of the province’s greenhouse gas emissions each year. The Challenge’s goal is to invite organizations and institutions to develop new clean technologies to reduce greenhouse gases and cut overall energy consumption.

As one of the challenge’s focus areas is sustainable transportation, the challenge is seeking projects that support more fuel-efficient aviation technology.

“Working across sectors which share similar policy, technical and economic challenges increases the opportunity to break down barriers,” said Steve MacDonald, CEO of Emissions Reduction Alberta. “Successful projects will reduce GHGs and accelerate scale-up of new value-added products and services that support economic growth, community health and environmental leadership on a local, national and global scale.”

Alberta’s announcement comes three months after BDC announced that it is providing $40 million in funding to four Canadian cleantech companies.

Those interested in the BEST challenge have until September 13 to apply.

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