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Five reasons why AI in Canada needs more women(BETAKIT)

Ensuring that AI doesn’t perpetuate the bias that humans share is the only way we will realize the maximum benefits it offers.

The sunny and the dark side of AI (THEECONOMIST)

AI will mainly be good for business, but mind the pitfalls.

Aussie artificial intelligence startup Daisee raises AU$8.8M Series A funding round (ANTHILLONLINE)

Daisee, which leverages AI to create software applications for companies across a variety of industries, raised the funding from Alium Capital.

Asana introduces Timeline, lays groundwork for AI-based monitoring as the “team brain” for productivity (TECHCRUNCH)

Timeline — composite, visual, and interactive maps of the various projects assigned to different people within a team — gives users a wider view of all the work that needs to be completed in a timeline format.

AI could help doctors make better healthcare decisions and treat patients proactively (BETAKIT)

Helping doctors act proactively instead of reactively can help patients have better experiences in the hospital.

France wants to become an artificial intelligence hub (TECHCRUNCH)

Emmanuel Macron and his government are launching a big initiative to turn France into one of the leading countries when it comes to artificial intelligence.

Scotty Labs raises $6M in seed funding (FINSMES)

Scotty Labs, which developed technology that enables people to remotely control self-driving cars, raised the funding from Google‘s AI-focused fund Gradient Ventures, with participation from others.

KPMG report: Toronto ranks among the fastest-growing global technology innovation hubs(BETAKIT)

While focused on Toronto and the Waterloo Region, Canada overall was noted for having significant investments in FinTech and AI that have paid off.

Google Cloud Platform launches text-to-speech service to compete with AWS Polly (ZDNET)

The new service from Google Cloud Platform highlights how it is leveraging models and technology from the search giant’s Deepmind subsidiary.

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